Sebastian Lewin

Youtube Linkedin SpecialtyDegree in Biological Sciences Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, mention in Ecology and Conservation. Minor in Environmental Impact Assessment. ExperienceExtensive experience in the sale of electronic and computer products at the regional level. Special focus on distance education tools for primary and higher education.

Juan Francisco Guerrero

Youtube Twitter Facebook Instagram Specialty Cultural Arts Producer | Musician | Cultural Diplomat Experience Bachelor of Music, Cultural Diplomat, Project Management, Disney Travel Agent and Advisor, Creator of the El Niño Cantor Digital Method, Lecturer, Music Director and Educator.

Carlos Fernando Diez de Sollano Navarro

Experience She was born in Mexico City in 1966 Electromechanical Engineer from the Universidad Panamericana He has devoted himself entirely to teaching for the last five years Currently full-time professor in the Tlalixcoyan fields of the Higher Technological Institute of Alvarado in the career of Mechanical Engineering. Before, he taught various mathematics subjects at the…

Paola Rodriguez

Youtube Link Facebook Experience I am a teacher of Mathematics at the secondary level at the Goethe School of Asunción Member of CEMAS (Mathematics Education Community of South America) I was in charge of several courses for teachers nationwide about the use of Geogebra software I was a speaker at the Tenth session of the…

Julio Serrano

Behance Experience Cartoon Network, LMT Studios, Editorial 3 @, Santillana, Intrax Prods, Whim Studio, Aplit Studio, Volcano Island Studio Lifelong cartoonist, conceptual artist and musician, Liked of art in all its forms, social struggle and business, Entrepreneur and Sociable.