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Welcome to Sensei Wacom Digital Professor!

Welcome to our affiliate program Sensei Wacom Teacher Digital, an educational platform for online consultation, in which together with the best teachers in Latin America you can share your digital or face-to-face educational experience using Wacom products, which facilitate and make teaching more dynamic. online, where in addition to learning and showing your knowledge you can obtain different benefits with your referrals.

All this while developing new distance learning techniques that will transform your challenges into opportunities with the help of Wacom, becoming a Sensei Wacom Digital Teacher.

Become a Sensei Wacom

As a Wacom Sensei, you will get exclusive benefits as you continue to bring your experience and knowledge as a Wacom digital teacher and refer people you know.

• Presence on the Wacom Professor Digital platform.
• A recognition pin as Sensei Wacom Digital Teacher
• 1 free Wacom One screen.


En esta primera etapa como asesor Wacom podrás desenvolver tus habilidades como docente utilizando las herramientas que Wacom tiene para ti para llegar a ser entrenador y disfrutar de muchos otros beneficios que tenemos para ti.


 Como entrenador Wacom, podrás comenzar a tener presencia en la plataforma de Wacom Professor Digital para seguir compartiendo tu conocimiento y poder llegar a nuestro nivel más alto. 


 Al formar parte de nuestro nivel más prestigioso, embajador Wacom, obtendrás beneficios exclusivos mientras continúas aportando tu experiencia y conocimiento como Wacom Profesor Digital. 


Oscar Alberto Castaño
Jesús Castro Condori
Alex Boyd Cerezo
Luis Miguel Martínez
Julio Serrano
Luis Alberto García
Paola Rodríguez
Alexander Narváez Berrío
Jorge Luis Valdez
Carlos Fernando Diez de Sollano Navarro
Jorge Alberto Rizo Villeda
Lucy López

Want to be part of Sensei Wacom Digital Professor?

If you want to be part of Sensei Wacom Digital Teacher and obtain the benefits of the program, register and one of our representatives will contact you.
Dare to take a step further in your distance classes!


Webinar #12

Oscar Alberto Castaño

How to implement a digital whiteboard in the virtual Calculus class

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Paola Rodríguez

Use of visual thinking tools in the virtual classroom

Webinar #10

Jorge "Matemóvil"

Back to school with Wacom

Webinar #9

Luis Alberto de Visualmente

Use of visual thinking tools in the virtual classroom


Technological tools that allow interaction with students.

Wacom One as remote education support.

It's time to innovate

Community Wacom

Experience of Institutions with Wacom

Introducing the new Wacom One

Remote education

Encourage collaboration and participation from your students



The purchase of Wacom One and Intuos includes 3 months of free trial which you can redeem until November 2021.


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