Webinar 17 - Painting Techniques for Editorial Illustration

Webinar 16 - Management and editing techniques for photographs of food and products.

Webinar 15 - University Physics for Distance Learning.

Webinar 14 - Power your distance classes with Wacom and SketchBook

Webinar 13 - Class creation with Wacom, GeoGebra Notes and assessment with GeoGebra Classroom

Webinar 12 - How to implement a digital whiteboard in the virtual Calculus class

Webinar 11 - Synchronous class with Wacom and Nearpod

Webinar 10 - Back to school with Wacom

Webinar 9 - Use of visual thinking tools in the virtual classroom

Webinar 8 - Using the ONE BY WACOM tablet to teach Exact Sciences

Webinar 7 - Proactive Classes with Wacom

Webinar 6 - Revolutionize Your Online Classes with the Wacom Tablet

Webinar 5 - ICT Tools in Education

Webinar 4 - Wacom Applications in Education

Webinar 3 - How to go from frustration to action in your distance classes.

Webinar 2 - Digitization of the university teacher

Webinar 1 - Remote Education